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Kingswear Gathered Lampshade

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Hand sewn lampshades by Calver featuring our Kingswear pattern – printed onto a light, soft brushed cotton.

Calver’s Kingswear print is inspired by the sparkling waters, colourful pieces of seaweed and salty sea air of this special place in Devon. Stripes of mackerel print and waves act as a reminder of swimming, exploring and escaping the world.

Please enquire regarding your interest in Calver lampshades, we're happy to discuss different Calver patterns, colours and fabrics for your projects.

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Every Calver print is hand-drawn and handprinted by pattern designer Sophie Calver. Each piece is one-of-a-kind. Due to the nature of hand printing, variety and beautiful imperfections are a key part of the design.

Copyright all designs owned by Calver Limited.

All rights reserved, no reproduction permitted.


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